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The Witch & Wizard's School of Magic is an American elementary wizarding school. It is located near the Great Salt Lake, Utah. Created in the early part of 1812, the school of magic was a place for the westward bound wizards to teach their children without have to transport them all the way back to Salem, Massachusetts. With its many similarities with its brothers in the East and Midwest, Witch and Wizard's School of Magic adds a little western style to its teaching and its campus is spread out over 27 acres of land that is secluded from the Muggle city of Salt Lake City. Many of the teachers that work at the school have either moved out west or have been directly born here to help add more self pride of the West. The current headmaster is Richard Grantus. He is a product of Spellmaster University with a degree in Advanced Wizard Teachings and is an avid broom flyer. He has been at the helm of this school for the last 31 years. Like its fellow school, Spellmaster Academy, students begin schooling at the age of ten to help them understand the Statute of Secrecy and learn the basics of wizarding.


  • The House of the Phoenix: Most of the members of this house turn into wizards that are outspoken, loyal, and unyielding in their willingness to get the job done.
  • The House of the Dragon: Most of the members of this house become travelers of the world that are resourceful, thrill seekers, and make sacrifices for the greater good of people. Most members of this house have become either skilled Quidditch players or treasure seekers.
  • The House of the Gryffin: Most of the members of this house become hunters and warriors that are strong willed, savagely magic strong, and extremely isolated.
  • The House of the Unicorn: Most of the members of this house become healers and wise men that have the will to find knowledge, care for others, and make use of whatever they posses into instruments of great wonder. Most members of government officials and teachers.


1st through 8th Years

Electives Available 5th to 8th Year


After the students have completed their 8th year they have the choice to either attend the Spellmaster University or to complete an internship with someone in the respective field that they would like to work in. Testing begins in the 6th year in the basic wizarding classes and then in the 7th year for the advanced electives.

Quidditch Tradition

See also: Witch and Wizard's School of Magic Quidditch History

The Houses all have a season similar to the Inter-House play at Hogwarts. Also the previous year's Quidditch Champion goes on to play the Champion of The West Coast Academy of the Magical Arts Quidditch program. The House of the Dragon has the most Quidditch House Cups with 119 cup wins followed up by House of the Griffin with 52 cup wins, House of the Phoenix has 22 wins and House of the Unicorn only has 2 cup wins.

Notable Students

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