"Should you wish to be set free, you can be. You will still be counted as one of our family and allowed to use your magic openly, even giving you your own wand. I don't mean to kick you out by setting you free, Wimmy, I only mean to give you more than what you had before."
Eileen Valora Prince to Wimmy

Wimmy was a free House-Elf who gladly continued to serve the Prince family. She was born to their last House-elf, Mitzi Prince, and the Princes treated her as a member of the family, even giving her their last name and counting her as one of them.

She had the family's permission to wield and carry a wand, choosing to use it only in self-defence . Her wand was five inches long, oak, with a kelpie hair core.

She wore a small maid's outfit with the Prince crest embroidered on the left breast and across the back.

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