Willow's Thief is the first book in the Willow's Thief series. Written by Luna, the story is a crossover between the worlds of Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The story concerns the meeting of Willow Rosenberg during her recovery from magic addiction and Sirius Black, who is on the run from the Ministry of Magic, and the struggle against Lucius Malfoy and the First Evil. Although the story is primarily featured in Sunnydale, California, other locations featured include Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Columbia Village.

WillowsThief byMethos

Story art created by Methos (


Willow is finishing up her detox in England when she realizes someone is stealing from her pantry. She finds the thief and maybe, just maybe, he’ll steal more than just her bread and eggs.


  1. Discovery of the Thief
  2. Everyone’s a Little Bit Crazy, From Time to Time
  3. The Juggernaut of the Babbling World
  4. Wet 'N' Wild
  5. I Am Serious.
  6. All Because of That Bloody Stupid Scooby Shirt!
  7. Intro to the Wizarding World 101
  8. Figuring out Floo
  9. Owl Correspondence
  10. You Taste Like Strawberries
  11. Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Enemies Closer
  12. Owl Correspondence #2
  13. The Social Butterfly of Hogsmeade
  14. The ‘Truth’ About Sirius Black
  15. Hope Is For Fools
  16. The ‘Dark One’ Is Here
  17. A Gray Shimmering Sea
  18. I *Knew* Dark Witches Didn’t Use the Word ‘Neato’
  19. A Giant Shoe *Would* Be Rather Silly
  20. What You Deserve
  21. Peeping Gryffindors
  22. Dear Miss Manners:I Thought My Houseguest Was Evil
  23. The Escape
  24. A False Sense of Security
  25. Sunnydale Welcomes Dirty-Hot Aragorn Guy
  26. Just Your Standard Supper Talk
  27. Family
  28. Comfort
  29. Buffy Summers, Counselor Extraordinaire
  30. A ‘Clueless’ Moment
  31. The Obsession of Lucius Malfoy
  32. The Summers Half-Way House for the Formerly Evil
  33. When Pigs Fly
  34. Menslengua Demons, Snoozum Monkeys,& Alphabet Eyes
  35. Sad Puppy Face
  36. Conversations with Dead People
  37. Revelations
  38. Shovel Speeches
  39. The British Invasion
  40. If Our Lives Were a Drinking Game…
  41. Just Like Riding a Bike
  42. Whips and Chains in the Chamber of Secrets?
  43. Flirting With Disaster
  44. Too Much Information
  45. Christmas Eve with My Favorite Minion
  46. Christmas in Buffy’s Barbie Dream House
  47. Remus’ Furry Little (Conversational) Problem
  48. Team Slayer v. Team Wizard v. Team ?
  49. I Gotta Feeling
  50. Kisses & Confessions
  51. The Vision of the Two-Faced Spy
  52. Like Godfather, Like Godson
  53. Not Perfect, But Perfect for Her
  54. Ambush in Elk Meadow
  55. The Killing Curse
  56. No Doctor’s Excuses Accepted
  57. A Wand Via the MAX Line
  58. Score Another One for the Yanks
  59. Storyteller
  60. The Witch is Revealed
  61. A Dash of ‘Crucio’ & A Drop of Polyjuice
  62. A Vampire & A Witch Walk Into a Bar…
  63. It’s Hammer Time!
  64. Duuuun Dun. Duuuun Dun…
  65. Healing & Dealing
  66. Nothing’s Better Than Post-Soul Restoration Cake!
  67. Hard Questions and Simple Answers
  68. Appearances Can Be Deceiving
  69. Tonight the Stars Speak!
  70. Damn Dirigible Plum Earrings
  71. The Watcher, The Wizard, & The Wanker
  72. Black and Red, and Bad All Over
  73. Vino de Slayer
  74. “A Kwanza Bovu!”
  75. The Grandmother & the Emo Boy
  76. Something Ripper This Way Comes
  77. Two Broody Dudes Most Excellent Adventure
  78. Of Hunters and Whores
  79. The Man Cave
  80. Love, or Something Like It
  81. A Black Family Reunion
  82. Truths and Lies... A Deadly Surprise
  83. The Drag Queen of the Wizarding World
  84. Ye Olde ‘Save the World’ Plan
  85. Preparations
  86. 24 Hours to Go-Go...
  87. Trelawney Comes Through Again!
  88. Connecting
  89. I’m a Genie In a Bottle, Baby
  90. The ‘Super Best Friends’ Fight Back!
  91. Power.
  92. Bitch Slap with the Devil’s Trap
  93. Epilogue


Willow's Thief by Luna

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