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Willius Darsh was an inventor, who is most famous for his Aestusia Charm, or 'Hot Air' charm.

Early Life

Willius was born in 1879 in East Central of London, and lived a depressing childhood. His father and mother were both strained for cash and neither of them could give Willius full attention due to their hectic lives. Oswald Darsh spent most of his time at the manufacturing factory, working overtime to pay for their bills while Augusta Darsh had four children to look after and care for. None of the children got much attention, so Willius enjoyed walking the city streets instead of being neglected at home. He was very social and made many connections throughout their district. The person he enjoyed to visit the most was old Elladora Finch, a kind lady who showered many gifts and attention onto him. He also enjoyed exploring her tidy house, that had strange objects that he had never seen before and seemed almost 'magical'. He helped around the house a lot more when he got older which Augusta appreciated very much. He got a letter when he turned eleven from Hogwarts, a boarding school for the gifted. It offered much more opportunities for him then what he had at home, so he agreed to go. He was picked up by a large carraige that carried several other children from his district.

It was in the carriage that they were explained they were going to a Magic school, and it had not been mentioned in the letter because of still, world wide fear of magic. Willius was not quick to believe him and thought it a joke until the driver set his sleeve on fire then extinguished it, with no burn marks.

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