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William Bevan is a muggle born child from New York, he has an older brother that is a muggle.


He has shoulder length, curly, red hair, with olive green eyes and light skin. He has a small scar on his cheek that is hardly noticeable.


William Bevan is a very talented student only in potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts and stands up against the few students and families that still believe only pure bloods should control the school. It is said that he doesn't get along with his older muggle brother and the discovery of his magic caused a rift between them.


Early Childhood

At some point he received his invitation to attend Pidoria school of witchcraft and wizardry.


He was placed into the ranswoth house and recieved his wand from Elenora Senri in his first year.

Magical Abilities & Skills

  • Magical Aptitude - William isn't a very talented kid in general but he does have his talents in a few.
  • Potions - William is very talented in this as he is able to be creative and go off of his own and away from the study books, to enhance his. He has gotten into trouble and gotten detention because of this.
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts - He isn't nearly as talented in this as he is potions but he still has placed first in his year.


  • Wand - a twelve inch, Fir wood, with a Pegasus Feather


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