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A Wendigo is a half-human, super fast, super dangerous, and always hungry cannibal.


Wendigos are creatures so dangerous, the Ministry has given them their own rating, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Being even more dangerous then a dementor, it is fortunate they are very rare. They are seen only in certain states of the United States of America.


They have been around since a little before the 1700s, when they preyed upon Algonquians and other Native Americans. The wizards of the age wiped some out, but it takes thirty wizards casting incendio at once to kill a Wendigo, so success did not come easily. Later, in 1897, an unlucky group of wizards discovered that protection charms do not effect a Wendigo. It was not until 2004 that Luna Lovegood, a famous Magizoologist, discovered that writing "Beware of the Wendigo" in the Maya written form into the dirt using a wand around the house/camp site repels them. It is unknown why this works. The most recent wendigo attack happened in year 2005. The Wendigo attacked two magihunters and two muggles searching for its last three victums. After successfully killing one of the muggles, a Magihunter killed the Wendigo and freed the last surviving of the three victims. That surviving muggle along with the one who helped in the Hunt were tracked down and memory wiped by the American Ministry of Magic. Why the magihunters never came to claim the wendigo's 10,000 galleon bounty is unknown.


A Wendigo eats humans, usually campers. The Wendigos like fresh meat, and will only eat some of the meat of a live victim, so the victum would not die. It takes at least thirty humans for a Wendigo to survive a winter. A standard victim being saved for winter will only last a week after winter begins, so the Wendigo must eat them all before the first week is over. That is a large problem, because a Wendigo is never satisfied, no matter how many humans it eats. That is great news for campers, because most don't survive the winter. They prefer to hunt at night.


It is said that when a being eats only meat, they develope strange powers. Here are known Wendigo abilities:

  • Super Strength- They can carry 10 tons without breaking a sweat.
  • Super Intelligent- They know how to unlock doors locked from the inside, use phones, and break cars' gas tanks without anyone noticing.
  • Super Fast- Can run a mile in under five seconds.

Turning into a Wendigo

A person can turn into a Wendigo by eating his/her familiy. You must start from the the yougest to the oldest.

10,000 Galleon Bounty

The Wendigo is a dangerous race. So dangerous, that there is a 10,000 galleon price on all Wendigos' heads. Just kill one, get some proof (a body part of one will be okay for proof.), and call 1234568079-USMinistry for the reward.


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