Weasley Girl is the first novel in the Weasley Girl Trilogy by Hyaroo, which depicts an alternate universe in which Ron Weasley was born a girl and named Veronica.

The novel is preceded by the short story The Leapling and followed by Weasley Girl: Secrets of the Past.


The first friend Harry Potter made on the Hogwarts express wasn't Ronald
"Ron" Weasley; it was Veronica "Ronnie" Weasley, first-born daughter of the
Weasley clan. And all of a sudden, the future looked very different.

Join the newly-formed "Potter's Gang" (consisting of Harry, Ronnie,
Hermione and Neville) in their first year at Hogwarts as they get into all
kinds of misadventures, and maybe have to face a certain Dark Lord before
they're ready for it.


  1. Veronica Weasley
  2. Potter's Gang
  3. Private Flying Lesson
  4. Being A Girl
  5. Detention In The Dungeon
  6. The Hospital Wing
  7. The Cloak And The Troll
  8. I Wish I Was Dead!
  9. Ignorance Is Death
  10. Questions, Lessons And Stories
  11. A Very Weasley Christmas
  12. Love And Sacrifice
  13. The Stone
  14. Epilogue


Weasley Girl can be read either on, on AO3 or on Inklitt.