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We Belong IV: Growing Forward is the fourth and final volume in the We Belong series, a next generation story starring George Weasley and Alfred Woodruff.


A year and a half after George Weasley's marriage, Alf is adjusting to changes in family and friends, while CJ continues to deal with a secret that could mean life or death.


  1. Chapter 1
  2. Another Piece of the Puzzle
  3. Secrets
  4. Ghosts of the Past
  5. For Worse or for Better
  6. Ingenuity
  7. Anxiety
  8. Memories
  9. Epiphany
  10. Surprises: Good or Bad
  11. Bad Moon Rising
  12. Like Father, Like Sons
  13. Lullaby
  14. Explanations I
  15. Explanations II
  16. Stands
  17. Unfogging the Future
  18. Changes
  19. Clear as Mud
  20. Growing Families
  21. Evolving
  22. Breakdown
  23. Perfectly Imperfect
  24. Breathing Room
  25. Something Wicked
  26. Two Steps Forward
  27. This Way Comes
  28. One Step Back
  29. Evasion
  30. Love Hurts
  31. Unfogging the Past
  32. Steps on a Path
  33. Up a Steel Hill
  34. Gifts, Part 1
  35. Gifts, Part 2
  36. The Final Countdown, Part 1
  37. The Final Countdown, Part 2
  38. All Hands on Deck
  39. Bricks and Blood
  40. Securing the Future
  41. Moving Foreward
  42. Don't Look Back
  43. Epilogue


2011-2012, chap 1-18
2012-2013, chap 19-26
2013-2014, chap 27-42
May 2018, epilogue

We Belong series

Stories We Belong · In America · Moving On · Growing Forward
Characters George Weasley · Alfred Woodruff · C. J. Diggory · Teddy Lupin · Eileen Prince
Michelle Fabry · Olivia Woodruff · Harry Dursley · Butch O'Malley · Jim Castelli
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