"All Wand Makers have their own unique style of making a wand, some focus more on the wood itself, while others care more for the core, I believe that you should listen to the wood it will tell you how to design it."
—Elenora Senri

Wandlore is a new class for all years to take it takes multiple types of classes and throws it into one. A master at making wands is the teacher of this class.

Class Information

At Pidoria School of Witchcraft and Wizardry wandlore is a elective class and a new core class for first years to third years. Unlike other classes their are no books to read off of or even to learn from all information is new and each students has to bring a Parchment and a quill.

Normal Tests are questions about Wood types, Core Types, even history on wands itself.

O.W.L.'s (Ordinary Wizardry Level) is a test of making a wand and how well the wood and core work together. They must get their own wood as well as Core, this test last the entire year. As it takes time to make a wand and gather the materials.

N.E.W.T's (Nastily Exhausting Wizard Test) are not like normal test for this class instead the student is to take all the information that they learned in previous years and make a book on the subject.

Locations and Times

The building has many charms of protection around it as making wands can become very dangerous and some can explode. There is more then one room inside the building two for classes and a few for holding different woods and cores. One of the classes had desks and the other doesn't at the moment it is unknown what the one with nothing in it is for.







First Year



  • When wands were first discovered
  • Four aspects to a wand; Wood, Core, Length, and Rigidity
  • Laws of Wand Making

Second Year



  • Wand Death and Wilting
  • Priori Incantatem

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