A wand is a quasi-sentient magical instrument used by the majority of Wizardkind to channel their magical powers in order to concentrate it and create more complex results. Most spells cast by witches and wizards are done with wands, but there are alternatives to concentrate one's magic. Wandless magic for most wizards is very difficult and requires much concentration and incredible skill, however that is not the case for all beings; house-elves, for instance, have their own brand of magic that they perform without wands, as do Goblins, though they evolved to use wandless magic after their defeat in the Goblin Uprisings. Each wand consists of a specific type of wood that surrounds a core of a magical substance. Wands always choose their masters, but it is unknown why or even how this occurs.

Although wands are not a European invention (they first appeared in Ancient Egypt), they were the ones to perfect and mass-adopt them, eventually spreading the practice of wandlore all over the continent and into Asia. Some witches and wizards choose not to use wands and instead, partake in the use of a staff or scepter, like some traditionalist Native tribes in America. Similarly, some choose to forsake a magical instrument altogether; for example, wizards taught at Uagadou are taught a more native, ritualistic magic than that of the rest of the wizarding world which is cast with motions using their fingers.

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