Visions of Greatness is a novel being written by JLHufflepuff.



The name of Malfoy has long been a mystery even to Scorpius, though he carries it with him to Hogwarts. It is there that he learns about the family history his anxious mother and distant father would rather keep hidden forever. Even as he makes unlikely friendships, develops a talent for Quidditch, and uncovers a devious and dangerous plot, Scorpius must unravel the Malfoy family secrets in order to truly understand himself.


  1. Family Name
  2. Sorted
  3. The Professor
  4. Congratulations
  5. Squib
  6. Nimbus 2001
  7. Sketchbook
  8. Chasing and Seeking
  9. Dementors
  10. New Scar
  11. Coward
  12. Mudblood
  13. Truth
  14. Confrontation
  15. Hiding
  16. Ollivander
  17. Dark Mark
  18. Happy Christmas


Visions of Greatness

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