Vincine Hord was a male Pureblood who ruled as the Sith Overlord of the Sith Confederation. Born into the old Hord clan, Vincine was a direct descendant of the ancient Dark Lord of the Sith Tulak Hord. He married a female Sith called Shaar Krev, and would have a single daughter with her, who would later abandon the Sith and change her name to eventually become Lily Potter.

He died in 1976 due to a pulmonary disease. Vincine was succeeded in his position by his brother, Gepta.

Powers and abilities

Born into one of the most powerful Jedi bloodlines amongst the Sith, Vincine was strong in the Force. His powers and skill grew quickly during his youth, and at the age of twenty-three he was strong enough to directly challenge the reigning Sith Overlord for the Sith throne.

His skill and power are immortalized in the legends which surround the duel between Vincine and his predecessor, many which claim that the high usage of Sith magic between the duellists disrupted nature in such a way that a Force storm was spawned in the interplay of their Force powers.


Overlord of the Sith Confederation
Preceded by:
? - 1976 AD Succeeded by:
Gepta Hord