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Victor Epans is the son of Ferdinand Epans and Leslie Vale Epans, and was borne roughly eight years before Harry Potter. He is the second born of the Epans, and is an almost as powerful wizard as his own father. After all, he inherited his mother’s intelligence and his father’s power.

Victor went to Spellmaster Academy at the age of ten, like his father before him, and within seven years, graduated early to attend Spellmaster University. There, he majored in History of Magic, Transfiguration, Defense of the Dark Arts, and Heath magic. Due to his friendship with Dale Norton, he was also able to learn new (and impressive) magic spells.

At the age of eight-teen, he graduated from the University and planed to teach there, however his father arranged him to go to the Ministry of Magic. There he met Albus Dumbledore, who excepted the young wizard. Many Ministry wizards thought that the boy was unsuited to represent the United States, but even the toughest members learned to respect him. (This is when Potter started his first year at Hogwarts)

When Harry Potter was attending his fifth year at Hogwarts, the wizards of the Americas agreed that Voldemort had returned. Fudge, annoyed politically, placed these wizards in Sub minister meetings for causing difficulties to the Ministry. Enraged, the Epans father and son spoke to Dumbldore to try to find out how to solve the Ministry. Dumbledore said there was nothing to save, and urged the Americas to think Independence to the Ministries rule. The representatives meet in Mexico City to discuss the matter, and the majority voted to split. On the six year, they patiently and quietly spent less meetings in their sub meetings at the ministry, waiting for the proper time to note Independence, which happened a few days after Albus Dumbledore died. The last few to leave the ministry were Victor and his father, due to paying respect at Dumbledore’s funeral. With that, the American Split was finalized. During the split, his grandmother (Victoria Epans) introduced him to the Three Witches of Old. These witches feared that Voldemort will control the whole world if he isn’t stopped to they charged Victor on a mission to protect Harry Potter, and help stop Voldemort’s rule.

During Voldemort’s rule of the Ministry, Victor at age 26, acted as a spy for the Order of the Phoenix (which he served as an unofficial member.).Quietly, he made sure that Voldemort would cause no threat with the Americas before considering Europe, and so he watched Voldemort gain territory. The first part of the Three Witches orders have failed, so he focused on protecting Potter, by distracting the Dark Lord. Twice, he personally talked to him face to face. Voldemort tried only once to kill him, but the Three Witches provided their servants with protections from even the death curse. Voldemort, in his second conversation, agreed with Victor that he would not conquer the Americas. He lied and sent a band werewolves there, but his attack did no good because his band were all slaughtered by the Americans Wizards.

Victor also fought in the last battle of Hogwarts with an old friend from the Order of Phoenix, Charlie Weasley. They battled the Death Eaters and witnessed seeing the appeartly killed Potter when Voldemort demanded surrendering (since Potter was dead!). Naturally, once all the Death Eaters where back in Hogwarts, the battle continued and ended when they witnessed Harry Potter killing the Dark Lord. While many people congratulated Potter after the returned from Dumbledore’s room, Victor appeared to him and told him to get rid of the Elders Wand. Victor returned to America, and helped created the Magical Society of the Americas.

Important organizations & events Victor was involved in:

Ministry of Magic (before the split)

Order of Phoenix (unofficial member)

American Split

• Follower of the Three Witches of Old

Battle for Hogwarts

• (American Wizards) Department of Magical Affairs

• Co-creator of the Magical Society of the Americas

Notes: • At age 20, he married a woman named Madelyn and has a son name Colin and a daughter name Eve.

• At age eighteen, he went on an internship to Romania, where he meet and became friends with Charlie Weasley.

• He witnessed the marriage of Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley

• Harry Potter (as an auror) and Victor do not trust one another, but work together on occasional missions.

• When Severus Snape was alive, he argued with Dumbledore with trusting him. Victor even argued with Dumbledore that Snape could never kill him.

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