The Viceroy of Magical Affairs is the head of the Ministry of Magical Affairs of the Dominion of Canada and the highest ranking member of the magical government. The position corresponds to both the Muggle positions of Prime Minister and Governor-General of Canada, as in addition to being a viceregal position, the Viceroy of Magical Affairs is also the head of government of the Dominion. When the Ministry was first founded, the government was led by the Minister for Magic, which was changed to Viceroy after George McInnes' pledge of allegiance to the British Crown.

List of Viceroys of Magical Affairs

# Portrait Viceroy of Magical Affairs

(Term of Office)

Other positions held Notes
1 George A. McInnes

(1795 - 1799)

Canadian Minister for Magic from 1791 to 1795 The first Viceroy of Magical Affairs. Trashed Rappaport's Law, passed laws protecting Muggles, built up a good relationship with the British and swore allegiance to the British Crown.
2 Charles Hébert

(1799 - 1811)

Auror First French-Canadian Viceroy. Signed treaties with several magical communities all over Canada, both indigenous and colonial. Made Ilvermorny and Whitestar public Ministry-supported institutions.
3 Andrew O'Leary

(1811 - 1813)

Lawyer Killed by the bombing of the McInnes Estate in 1813. Was succeeded by Edward James Comstock.
4 Edward James Comstock (1813 - 1822) Auror One of the earliest Canadian Aurors. Became acting Viceroy after the death of Viceroy O'Leary and the destruction of the McInnes Estate. Readied the Ministry for war, though Canada saw no further hostilities. Created the Department of Militia and Defence and the Canadian Auror Training Regimen that remains to this day.
5 Charles Alexander Fields

(1822 - 1840)

Head of the Department of Transportation A popular peacetime Viceroy. Created the Ministry's Department of International Magical Relations and expanded it to include not just wizardkind, but other sentients such as Merpeople, Werewolves and Vampires.
6 Julian Edwards

(1840 - 1843)

Deputy Head of the Department of Magical Treasury Ascended to the post of Viceroy amidst bribes and political favours. An investigation was launched by the Auror department, and despite Viceroy Edwards' attempts to stop it, the investigation found evidence of corruption and the General Assembly passed a vote of no confidence.
7 Jacques Ménard

(1843 - 1858)

Chief Auror of the Auror Office A tough law enforcer. Clamped down hard on the corruption within the government spread by the Viceroyalty of Julian Edwards.

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