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Information on 'Idea 3'

In the Halesbury Institute for Aspiring Magicians, there are five Houses or Dorms (named after gods and Titans):

Hyperion House: Values loyalty, friendship, and honesty. The colors are gold and silver. The founder is Fredricka Schrapper. Its resident ghost is Jordan Roucheau, more commonly known as Jittery Jordan.

Hecate House: Values wit, cleverness, and intelligence. The colors are violet and black. The founder is Hexelda Moors. Its resident ghost is Gannifer Moors, the grand-niece of Hexelda, and is more commonly known as the Bickering Lady.

Loki House: Values cunning, ambition, and 'untainted' blood statuses. The colors are bronze and red. The founder is Percival Flake. Its resident ghost is Cedrick Porter, more commonly known as Cannibal Cedrick.

Zeus House: Values bravery, nobility, and chivalry. The colors are blue and yellow. The founder is William Starck. Its resident ghost is Treus Gates, the stepson of William Starck, and is more commonly known as Gaping Gates.

Gaea Dorm: No one but the Gaea Dorm residents truly know what the Gaea House is all about, but it is known that Gaea House has the portrait of their House's founder in their dorm. The colors are green and brown. The founder is Hilena le Trez. It has no ghost supposedly, but actually there is, and her name is Ophelia Norfirm, more commonly known as the Lonely Lady.

Victoria Samantha Sarchster is Sorted in the Gaea House, and her best friends are Analerie Nataliya Seyakonova (half-blood, Sorted in Hyperion House) and Keith Trenton Ackerley (pure-blood, Sorted in Zeus House).

Her enemies are Alpha Beta Blake (pure-blood, Sorted in Loki House) and her comrades (all Sorted in Loki House) Vanessa Adrianne Franklyn (half-blood), Heather Donna Jefferson (pure-blood), Gregory Justin Jefferson (pure-blood), and Liam Brian Owens (half-blood).

Victoria's secret (which she doesn't even know):

She can control things with only her mind and project a manifestation of her soul (commonly known as the soul-self) outside her body and use it to perform greater magic, though she is a Muggle-born witch. This was due to her having a Squib relative (her great-grandmother) who was descended from a sorcerer.

This can either be set before, during, or after the era of the Golden Trio. - Andreana02

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