Hello and greetings, fellow editors.

As those of you who have the "emails from wikia" feature enabled know, or may remember from a blog I created several days ago, our wiki has a new bureaucrat in the person of SoundersSecretKeeper, who had been until a few days ago the sole active administrator of the wiki. Pointing out the obvious, that has changed. And so, I would like to introduce the new non-bureaucratic administrator of this wiki:

Anselmo499 (in other words, myself).

As your new administrator, I promise to seek, to the best of my ability, a renewal of this temple of fanon. Therefore, beginning today (and applying the grandfather clause to certain exceptions), each article shall be submitted to new policies which are being drafted. A measure which has to be taken in order to bring out order from chaos. And a chaotic encyclopaedia is a concept that must be avoided at all costs.

Moving on from this introduction, I am pleased to announce that the chat feature has been enabled, and you may access it from the navigation bar. Also, the "comments" and "message wall" features have been introduced as well, replacing the talk pages of old. Those are still accessible as archives.

Thank you for your time, and happy editing!

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