Title: Dominus Mundi

Author: DarthImperius

Rating: T

Genre: General/Fantasy

Published: 18/05/2017

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter franchise and all of its characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

"Normal Speech"


"Other Language"

Pre-Chapter Note: You will see a long name in this chapter. That will be explained in the Author's Note.

Chapter 2 – A Meeting with a Minister

Ministry of Internal Affairs, St. Petersburg, Russia

When Harry arrived, alongside Boris, he immediately fell over, not used to magical travelling. The Russian wizard, on the other hand, remained as if he had not even moved.

"First the floo and now this…" thought the young wizard as he got up, assisted by the older wizard.

He looked around, and noticed that he was inside a small chamber, two doors opposite of each other, and one had a golden plaque with strange black letters. Harry looked at it from where he stood and realized that it was not written in English, but a language he did not recognize.

"Ignatiy…Orlov" he tried to read, not realizing that he had just read Russian.

"That would be Minister of Internal Affairs." explained Boris, before he himself realized that the young wizard had read the golden plaque "You did not tell me you could read Russian."

Harry looked at him with confusion.

"And I can't." he said.

"You just did." said the agent, pointing at the plaque.

Harry looked at it once more, and it was then that he realized that he had indeed read the Russian words. His eyes widened in surprise, but before he could say anything else, the door he had been looking at opened, and an old man stepped out of the room.

"I thought I heard your voice Ivanovich." said the man, before looking for a second at Harry "Is this the one?"

Right now, Harry did realize that the man was speaking in another language, very likely Russian, and he was somehow understanding it.

"Yes Minister." replied Boris nodding.

"Good. I'll take it from here," said Minister Orlov. "You are dismissed."

The agent simply nodded and apparated to somewhere else, leaving Harry alone with the Russian minister.

"Mr. Potter, please follow me." said the man, entering his office.

Harry followed the man, and entered the rather comfortable office. The Minister used his wand to close the door, and sat at the desk.

"Do take a seat." he spoke, noticing that Harry was still standing.

Harry did so, sitting in front of the man.

"I am Ignatiy Orlov, Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire. In normal circumstances, you would have this meeting with Chairman Petrovna, but she is currently in a session of the Duma, therefore unavailable." affirmed the Minister of Internal Affairs "As such, she has requested me to carry out the orders of the Empress. I have been informed of the reasons you are here, but I suspect that you have not, am I correct?"

"Yes, sir." replied Harry, somewhat nervously.

"My knowledge regarding education in countries within the Confederation is rather…lacking. But I assume you haven't heard of what many people in continental Europe call the Great Time of Troubles?"

Harry shook his head.

"However, I am sure you have heard of the dark wizard known as Grindelwald, am I correct?"

"Yes, I heard of him." Replied the young wizard "He was the one who was defeated by Dumbledore, right?"

"Albus Dumbledore may have been the one to defeat Grindelwald in a duel, but do not assume that it was the man who dismantled Grindelwald's support base." stated Orlov "That unfortunate task fell onto the hands of the governments of Europe. It took a while, but we eventually succeeded in eliminating Grindelwald's supporters and allies. However, what followed was perhaps even worse."

"What happened?"

"As I said before, we call it the Great Time of Troubles. It began when those you call muggle-borns and a minority of half-bloods, with anti-monarchical political views, attempted to use the period after Grindelwald's defeat to assault the Empire." explained the minister "They called themselves the Revolutionaries, and their greatest success, was when they kidnapped the new-born heir to the Russian and Portuguese thrones, Maria Theresa von Habsburg."

"What happened to her?" asked Harry.

"She was taken away to the confederation territories, and brought to the United Kingdom, where she was placed in an orphanage." said the man "The revolutionaries demanded the abdication of the Empress and her husband, but while they were more than willing to do so, the people had a rather different reaction."

"Different reaction?" questioned Harry, rather curious.

"The retaliation against the Revolutionaries was brutal." said Orlov "Massacres happened against the supporters of the rebellion, and things only returned to normal after the leaders of the Revolutionaries were killed."

It was strange to think that the continental European wizarding world rose against a group of terrorists, while in Britain Voldemort and his supporters were only opposed by the Ministry of Magic and Dumbledore.

"What happened to Maria Theresa after that?" spoke Harry, remembering the kidnapped infant.

"She only returned years after her kidnapping, having been found and informed in a manner similar to yours." said the man "I already worked here in the ministry when she was brought to Russia, to have her identity checked, and now the same procedure will be applied to you."

Harry watched as Minister Orlov went towards a cabinet, and returned with a set of papers and a rather bland looking quill, before returning to the same cabinet, and coming back with a small wooden box. He sat down, and opened the box, removing from it a strange cylindrical object, with a tiny glass receptacle in the middle.

"Give me your hand, Mr. Potter." said the Minister.

Harry did so, and the minister placed the object in Harry's palm, where he suddenly felt a sharp pain, more intense than when he had been bitten by the pea. He looked at the glass receptacle, and noticed that it had been filled with a red liquid.

"My blood?" he wondered, as the minister removed the object from his hand.

The Minister took a seal-like object from the box, and connected the two, Harry watching as the blood inside the receptacle was transferred from one object to the other. When the blood had been transferred, the man pointed his wand at the glass receptacle, and used a spell to clean it completely, before placing it inside the box. He took one of the papers, and stamped it with the seal, leaving behind a red symbol which Harry could not recognize.

He then gave the same paper to Harry, alongside the quill which he had brought.

"Sign your full name here, Mr Potter." instructed the man.

Harry took the quill, before writing 'Harry James Potter' in the piece of paper. As soon as he did so, the feather of the quill turned black, before assuming a yellowish colour a few seconds after.

"What's wrong with the feather?" asked the young wizard.

"I'll tell you after this is over." said the man grabbing another paper and giving it to Harry "Now, write what is there below the name you wrote."

Harry took the paper, and looked at it, realizing that it was a rather long name, longer than that of Dumbledore himself, and conveniently written in English.

Hadrian Maria Alexander James Philip Fleamont Manuel Michael Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga Francisco de Assis Eugenio Doukas Angelos Komnenos Palaiologos von Habsburg-Anemas and Braganza

It took a while for him to write that name without errors, and when he did so, the yellow feather turned black once more, and this time it settled into a bluish colour. It seemed that this was the intended result, as Minister Orlov had a rather pleased look on his face.

"Well, it seems we got the correct person." stated the man, taking the piece of paper from Harry.

"I'm sorry…but…what exactly was that?" asked Harry "And why did I have to write that name?"

"That, Mr. Potter, was the identity test." explained the minister "When the feather turned yellow, it was because despite the truthfulness of the name you wrote, it was not your real name."

That surprised Harry. So his name was…not his name?

"The second name, on the other hand, was provided to us by the Empress herself." Continued the man "And when the feather became blue, it was because it recognized the name you wrote as your own."

Harry looked at the man as if he had suddenly grown a second head.

"…What?" spoke the young wizard after a moment of silence "Why do have such a long name?"

"I'm afraid I'm not the best person to answer that." Replied the minister "I am not exactly knowledgeable in certain cultural naming conventions. I do know however, that one of the reason comes from the last three names."

The man gave the paper back to Harry, and the young boy looked at it.

"Last three names…" he thought as he looked at them.

Harry could not see what was so special about the "Habsburg-Anemas and Braganza", and he simply remained there, oblivious to their significance.

"Sir, could you explain what exactly these names mean?" asked Harry.

"The names Habsburg, Anemas and Braganza refer to three dynasties of great importance in the history of the wizarding world, and two of those were also of importance to the muggles." spoke the Minister of Internal Affairs "The Habsburg family ruled over Austria and a large set of territories, but they are also famous in the muggle world for their dominance over the Holy Roman Empire. The Anemas family has little importance in the muggle world, and is only known due to being a bastard line from the Palaiologos dynasty, who ruled the Eastern Roman Empire during its last centuries. In the wizarding world, they are known due to being the rulers of the Kingdom of Nicaea. And finally, the Braganza dynasty ruled over the Kingdom of Portugal and the Empire of Brazil, at least until their deposition by the muggles. The respective branches of the Braganza dynasty still rule over Portugal and Brazil in the wizarding world."

Harry was already seeing where this conversation was going, and he could feel himself growing dizzy.

"The girl I mentioned earlier, Maria Theresa, was adopted by a muggle family, and given the name of Lily Evans." said the man, resulting in Harry receiving something he could describe as a mental punch "As such, you are the grandson of Empress Maria, and her sole heir as well."

Had Harry been a person with very little emotional control, eh would have fainted on the spot. Instead, he remained as he was, his mind inside in a state of utter turmoil.

"But…but how can that be…?" he managed to say "I…can't be…I'm just Harry Potter…"

"The test does not lie…Your Highness." stated Orlov "You are, without doubt, the grandson of the Empress, and that is something you cannot deny."

Harry seemed to drown in his chair, noticing now how comfortable it actually was. To Harry, thinking about the quality of the chair, was perhaps the only thing he could do now to keep his thoughts away from the consequences of the sudden revelation. Still, it was better than having to confront Sirius Black.

"What now?" asked Harry, after a moment.

"Now…you are to meet with the Empress, as per her wishes." said the minister "Do you wish to do so now?"

Harry thought about it. He had an actual living relative, and soon enough came the dawning realization that he was not related to the Dursleys, which meant that he had no reason to live with them. The very though made Harry want to smile, but he was still stunned by the revelation regarding his origins.

"I guess." said the teenager.

"I have been informed that the Empress is currently in the Palace of Nicaea, one of the properties belonging to the Nicaean Crown." spoke the man, removing a small empty journal from a drawer "I have been given this portkey to the palace. Take it."

Harry took the journal from the minister's hands, and examined it. It was similar to the diary of Tom Riddle, but hopefully free of a sentient memory.

"It only activates with a certain keyword." said Orlov "Are you certain that you will go there today?"

Harry looked at the portkey once, before deciding.

"Yes, I will."

The Minister took a sealed envelope from the same drawer and gave it to Harry.

"Once you arrive, you are to give this to the Empress's lady-in-waiting, who is also residing in the palace." spoke the man "The activation word is 'Basileus'."

Harry nodded and got up from the chair. He extended his hand, and the minister got up as well before shaking Harry's hand.

"Goodbye, Minister Orlov."

"Godspeed, your highness." said the Russian man.

Harry looked at the journal once more, and then he spoke.


Author's Note:

While many (if not all) the stories which fall into the "Lord Potter" category usually have Harry take a surname such as "Potter-Black" or even those which include surnames such as those of the Four Founders, and many others, what I have done here is to follow real world history as close as I can. Royal families had (and perhaps still have) the tendency to stack up names, especially in the Portuguese and Spanish royal families. For example, Byzantine Emperor Andronikos III Palaiologos was born as "Andronikos Doukas Angelos Komnenos Palaiologos", using names from previous families which had held the Roman throne formerly, and adding them to his own. The naming convention I used here was based on that of the Portuguese royal family and that of the Palaiologos dynasty.

I also wanted to make sure that I would not use the common "blood test" that appears in many Harry Potter fanfics, even in mine.

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