Template:Force sensitive infoboxTulak Hord, known as the Lord of Hate and Master of the Gathering Darkness, was a male Sith pureblood Dark Lord of the Sith that ruled over the Old Sith Empire. He is known to be one of the, if not the greatest lightsaber duellist of all time, and his teachings were recorded in a Sith holocron that was later recovered by his descendant, Harry Potter.


Dark Lord of the Sith

A Sith Lord of the old Empire, Tulak Hord would rise through the ranks of the Sith Empire, gaining many rivals that both feared his power and envied him for it. Amongst these rivals was a Sith Lord named Aloysius Kallig, who would become his general, before Hord betrayed him and had him killed, fearing that Kallig would try to usurp his position as Dark Lord of the Sith.

He would later fight an honourable duel against a Dashade named Khem Val,

The entrance to the Tomb of Tulak Hord in the Valley of the Dark Lords

who would become his most faithful ally, although Hord would place him in stasis inside an empty tomb structure, at an unknown period before his death. Khem would later be released by an aspiring Sith Inquisitor, who was in fact a descendent of one of Hord's greatest rivals.

Death and Legacy

After his death, Tulak Hord was entombed in the Valley of the Dark Lords, with his tomb being adjacent to the very tomb of Ajunta Pall.

Centuries after his death, his spirit would appear twice to one of his descendants, the second time outside his tomb.


Dark Lord of the Sith
Preceded by:
Eventually Sorzus Syn
? Succeeded by:
Eventually Marka Ragnos

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