The Tsuchinoko is a species of magical creature native to Japan.


The Tsuchinoko resembles a short, fat snake. It has reddish brown scales on its back and tan scales on its underbelly. It has black stripes and a short tail. It has fangs and venom like that of a Muggle viper. However, this venom can't kill humans.


Despite its appearance, the Tsuchinoko is able to jump up to a meter in a single leap. It is also known to bite its own tail and roll around like a hoop in order to move. Like all snakes, magical and non-magical, the Tsuchinoko can speak Parseltongue. However, it rarely helps Parselmouths, as it is often known for its propensity to lie.


The Tsuchinoko was first tamed in 1995 by the famed Magizoologist Newt Scamander during his visit to Japan. This same Tsuchinoko was one of the creatures that lived in Newt's suitcase. However, it was one of the few creatures who didn't escape from the suitcase during Newt's trip to New York City.

The Tsuchinoko was first authorized to be brought to Mahoutokoro School of Magic in 2000.


Tsuchinoko fangs and scales can be used in potions. They are commonly used in the Terrarium Imperator potion, which, when drunk, causes all nearby reptiles to obey the commands of the drinker for a short period of time.

The Tsuchinoko is commonly kept as a pet by wizarding children in Japan. It is one of the pets allowed to be brought to Mahoutokoro School of Magic. It is commonly used as part of a game in which several children place their pet Tsuchinokos in a row and let them jump in order to see which one can jump the farthest.


  • The Tsuchinoko is rated XX by the Ministry of Magic due to its easy to handle behavior and easy domestication.

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