The Tower of Dawn, simply known as the Tower, and referred to as the Broken Spire in the future, was a colossal structure built during the late Clotean period on the orders of the Sacred Triumvirate. The structure was built with the assistance of the Eternal Court, and the entire procedure was made with extreme precision and calculation. It would function as the final destination of immense amounts of energy, which were in turn stored and gathered by equally crafted Wells, all across the Atlantean Empire. Upon collecting the energy, the Tower would refine it and its user would be able to direct it in any way possible, to the point where it could be used as a transcendental weapon.

However, the Tower of Dawn also secretly served as the physical embodiment of a primordial entity also known as the Tower (alternatively known as the Spear). This entity was the main reason for Aernus’s motivation in the creation of the universe, as the deity itself wanted to access the reality warping abilities of the Tower, and it eventually did so in one of its mortal incarnations.


Before the Great Cataclysm, the Tower of Dawn was built in the middle of a giant metropolis located in the North Pole. The architects had decided for the tower to be located at the exact spot where the north pole was located, as they had believed that it would facilitate the gathering of energy.

Upon completion, the Tower was perhaps the highest structure in all of the Atlantean Empire. It had been designed as a spire, made in a unknown black material. There were many glowing veins in the exterior of the Tower, which would glow red when something was threatening it or even when it was near activation. Upon being activated, it would glow with a blue colour.

After the Great Cataclysm, the Tower somehow became entombed inside a massive cavern underneath the Arctic Sea, and it upper section had been completely eradicated, with the altar platform, which had been originally located in the mid-upper section of the Tower, serving now as its pinnacle.


Before the Cataclysm

The creation of the Tower of Dawn has one of the critical points in the Protomachy, as the Perennials believed it would be the only weapon capable of destroying the entity known as Ayavan. Manipulating the Sacred Triumvirate with promises of power, the Eternal Court provided the means for the Atlanteans to build the enormous structure, and together with the technology used by the Atlanteans, the construction of the tower was a tremendous success.
Great cataclysm

The energy gathers in the Tower for the first time, and upon its release, the Great Cataclysm is caused

However, what neither the Atlanteans nor the Eternal Court knew, was that Ayavan knew exactly what they were doing. In allowing the creation of the Tower of Dawn, Ayavan knew that the structure would allow in his eventual creation, but for it to happen, a massive disturbance in the fabric of reality was required. Upon learning of this Ayavan sabotaged one of the Wells which gave energy to the Tower. So, when it was activated for the first time, instead of destroying Ayavan, the Tower instead caused the Great Cataclysm, and one if its outcomes was the creation of the very being it was made to destroy. After the Great Cataclysm, when reality returned to a mostly normalized state, the Atlantean Empire was gone, and a new pre-historic age had begun. It would then be many millennia until a remnant of the ancient Atlantean civilization would be found, and until its discovery, the Tower rested inside a massive cavern beneath the Arctic Sea.

A Tower discovered

The Tower was discovered in the 20th century by Alain Bonheur, an Aquitanian explorer and archaeologist who was a member of the Imperial Ministry of History and Culture.

The Broken Spire

Possibly a result of the Future's chaotic nature, the Tower of Dawn future form was that of a shattered version of itself with the core exposed. Under the tower, it was possible to see many rivers of a substance known as eitr. This version of the Tower of Dawn was visited by both Harry Potter and Ayavan, and would be the version of the Tower used by the Third Harbinger (which was also Ayavan).


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