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Timothy "Tim" Jackson Ashworth, O.M. (First Class), (b. 1900) was a famed vampire and auror. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and was sorted into Gryffindor.

Physical appearance

Tim was youth in appearance, had brown hair and light skin. He was a short and somewhat stocky.

Personality and Traits

Tim was intelligent and tremendously mischievous. He saw rules as challenges and adults as spoilers of fun, to be evaded when at all possible. He had a great interest in Dark Arts and strove to gather as much knowledge as he could from it. He is willing go to extreme lengths to save those close to him, caring a great deed for both of his parents and his younger brother. He is shown a merciful and compassionate nature, consistently extending an offer to help even his most dangerous enemies before putting a stop to their evil deeds. He would also try to avoid harming those who were not in control of their actions, as well as defend them from their captors or those who would cause them further harm.

Tim had a sarcastic and smart sense of humor, a laid-back demeanor, and had earned the respect of most wizards and witches. Tim remains true and never goes back on his word. Tim was somewhat short-tempered, and thus had trouble controlling his anger and tends to do or blurt out things before thinking, no matter the consequences, causing him to get into a lot of trouble.

Tim was told by many people that was brave such as friends, family, strangers and even his enemies. He also states that he had "brooding" look, that always branded him a rebel. It was mentioned that even though he was smart, he doesn't always see the obvious even when it was right in front of him, such as people's feelings and what they are trying to see indirectly.

Despite being considered a good person, he didn't think of himself as one, seeming more susceptible to changes in personality; he grew more vicious, unforgiving, and developed a short temper when he didn't have company to restrain his dark side. He can also be ruthless at times, and would strike down those who committed horrific acts.

Magical abilities and skills


  • Wand: His wand was made of Spruce with Kelpie hair core. It also had a piece of Mother of Pearl in the base.
  • Pocket watch: A magical watch that had the power to stop time with a simple click causing yellow waves to come off it and instantly frozen everything around him.
  • Compass: A magical compass that pointed to what he wanted most, rather than mere magnetic north.
  • Coin: A magical coin that acted as both a tracking device and a listening device.
  • Journal: This journal was owned by Tim. It was used to write down events that he had experienced and his life as a vampire.


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