Tim van der Meulen (born 1984) is the son of Melvin and Virjean van der Meulen of Eastgrove, Saskatchewan, which is (as Tim tells Ethan Lloyd) "about two hundred miles southeast of nowhere in the wheat belt." Tim is the first wizard in his family. His father is a wheat farmer. He has several siblings: older brother Marvin, older sister Susie, younger brothers Will and Steven and younger sister Eileen. Tim has curly brown hair, is taller and stockier than Ethan; after a summer working on the family farm, his face is tanned. He meets Ethan on their first journey aboard the Hoboken Limited. He's a natural flyer and also the academic star among those in Ethan's class.  Tim is an avid sports fan; before he received his Kaaterskill letter he was a Saskatchewan Roughriders football fan.  As he learned about the wizarding world, he was delighted to discover that the Moose Jaw Meteorites quidditch team is based a few hours away from his family's home.

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