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The three Witches of Old are great sorceresses that were famous within the ancient world. They were worshiped as great goddesses of witchcraft and magic. They were members of a special species of magical people called the Divinamagics.

The witches include Freya of the Norse, Isis of Egypt, and Hecate of the Greeks (and Romans).

As the three great witches, they could live for eternity, and they were said to be the only "gods" that can stay on Earth for all eternity. They have incredible powers, such as the ability to grant people with youth, eternal life, and magic.

These witches have aided those who are pure of heart and have a sense of responsibility in heart. They do not help people that are tyrannical, but rather underdogs that rebel against it. Some of the people that they have helped included Victoria Epans and Victor Epans.

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