Lord Theodore Nott was a Human male Sith alchemist and sorcerer of the resurgent Sith Empire, who served during the period of the Great Galactic War. He was one of the three wizards who, despite not being born with full Force-sensitivity, would later attain full access to the Force due to a creation of Daphne Greengrass known as the Force-channeller gauntlet. He proved to have an innate skill in the practice of Sith alchemy, performing many experiments on magical creatures such as house-elves, mutating them into savage beasts.

With the death of his father, he would become the new lord of the Nott family, eliminating any hold that his father's master could have over him.

Powers, Abilities and Equipment

As an informal apprentice of the Emperor, Theodore was instructed in the Sith ways, and in lightsaber combat as well. He uses the lightsaber form known as Shii-Cho. As he continued his study of the Sith, Nott would delve into the art of Sith alchemy, and he proved to be an adept at it, creating Sithspawn from magical creatures such as house-elves, and even having plans to extent his experiments to gnomes and fire crabs.

Force Powers

  • Telekinesis
  • Force Lightning


  • Lightsaber
  • Theodore Nott's robes


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