Theodore Nott (b. 1980 AD) was a human male wizard and Force-sensitive who became the apprentice of Sith Lord Dramath Hord. He was the son of Marquess Amelius Nott, and as such he was the next in line for the title. He met his Sith master during a gathering of several members of the wizard elite within the British Ministry of Magic.

One of his hobbies was the collection of wands and related artefacts, such as wand cores and pieces of certain wands. A key feature of his collection was a piece of Snakewood which came from a tree in Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, said tree having grown from Salazar Slytherin's own wand.

Physical appearance

Theodore had light skin, and was described as having brown hair spiked in the front.


Golden Age of the Sith (First appearance)

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