The Resistance of Azkaban is a novel by Shezza88.

The story was followed by The Insurgence Against Azkaban


It's been twenty five years since the death of Albus Dumbledore and the Ministry of Magic is now under the control of Lord Voldemort. Those who oppose him place themselves under the command of Harry Potter, former Auror and ruler of the island of Azkaban.


  1. Rescue
  2. Azkaban and Reports
  3. Meetings and Attacks
  4. A Successful and Failed Raid
  5. Attack on Morsmordre Prison: Part One
  6. Attack on Morsmordre Prison: Part Two
  7. Tours and Danger
  8. The First Siege of Azkaban
  9. Dursley's and Muggles
  10. Hogwarts Intrusion: Part One
  11. Hogwarts Intrusion: Part Two
  12. Hospitals and Deals
  13. Into the Ministry and Nagini
  14. The Order Betrayed
  15. The Second Siege of Azkaban
  16. Azkaban Falls
  17. Spies, Plans and the Fallout
  18. Politics and Terror
  19. Assassinations and Raids
  20. The End Draws Near
  21. The War Ends
  22. Epilogue


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