"The Other President" is currently a novella being written by Potterhead101. It takes place on 20 January 2009.


Loosely based on the chapter "The Other Minister," from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Barack Obama's first day in office seems to be the best time of his life, that is, until the President of Magic pays him a visit.



  1. "The Other President"
  2. "The First One-Hundred Days"
  3. "The Committee"
  4. "The Battle"
  5. "Dark Times Ahead"
  6. "Stuck in the Drive-Thru"
  7. "Bad Luck and Board Games"
  8. "McCain's New Groove"
  9. "Social Outing"
  10. "Senator McDisney"
  11. "Chaos in the Courtroom"


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