The New Pride of Portree is a next-gen novel currently being written by momotwins.


Molly Weasley has spent her professional career as reserve Keeper for the Holyhead Harpies, her dream team - but her dream hasn't panned out the way she'd hoped, and she rarely gets off the bench. She accepts an offer to join the all-new lineup at Pride of Portree as the star Keeper. She might even be team captain, if she can just get along with the new coach, Riordan Fitzroy.



  1. The Harpy With the Mohawk
  2. The New Lineup
  3. The Dreaded Ex
  4. Flight and Family
  5. Drills and Defense
  6. Magpies and Mistakes
  7. A Pack of Wild Dogs
  8. A Sabotaged Sorceress
  9. A Fine Line
  10. Surprising Depths
  11. Tentative Hope
  12. Spiralling Self-Control
  13. Stamp of Approval
  14. Colour-Coded and Perfect
  15. Something Real
  16. Strength of Will
  17. Let Us Break a Few Heads
  18. Underdogs
  19. Widdershins
  20. Friends Again


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