The Life and Times is an epic novel written by Jewels5.


She was dramatic. He was dynamic. She was precise. He was impulsive. He was James, and she was Lily, and one day they shared a kiss, but before that they shared many arguments, for he was cocky, and she was sweet, and matters of the heart require time.


  1. Prologue
  2. Good Girls Say I Love You
  3. To Start a Year
  4. Snaps and the Second Week
  5. The Shape of Things to Come
  6. Conversations
  7. Failures of Courage
  8. Dates With Ravenclaws
  9. The Art of Walking
  10. The Connection
  11. The Trouble With Angels
  12. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily
  13. Something Realized
  14. Two Steps Forward
  15. What Snape Did
  16. Anatomy of a Red Rose
  17. The Harpers
  18. March
  19. The Quaffle and the Snitch
  20. Moments
  21. Life is But a Dream
  22. Out
  23. To End a Year
  24. Contra Mundum
  25. The Week of the Demands
  26. The Wedding
  27. Land of Dreams
  28. Phoenix
  29. Old, New, Ballroom, and Blue
  30. The Worst Day Ever
  31. Carlotta Delenda Est
  32. Life in the Shelley Boat
  33. Of Marlene 
  34. Meloni v. Mumps
  35. All Souls' Day


The Life and Times

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