The Hated Hero is a canon-rewrite fanfiction in progress. It revolves around the character of Delphini Riddle and an alternate timeline where Riddle is a Hero Protagonist, rather than a villainous antagonist. The Fanfiction is posted on three different websites.


Delphi Lestrange is under the emotionally and verbally abusivd care of the Rowle family, who the Malfoys pay off to keep Delphi. Upon getting her Hogwarts letter, she asks to go, and is refused schooling. She secretly recieves a letter from Ilvermorny. She writes for help from the staff and gets a chance to attend the school in America.

While there, she gets involved in the Starkiller Conflict, which will change her and the others around her.

Characters Featured

  • Delphini Riddle- the canon daughter of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange with a semi-canon personality. She is currently not aware she is a Riddle at this point. The protagonist.
  • Rowan Kostidanov- best friend and love interest of Riddle. The son and grandson of several of the antagonists.
  • Alexa Renowne- Best friend of Riddle's. Rival to their history teacher, Mr. Ravenwood.
  • Gwillan Pennykettle- Friend of Riddle's.
  • Tahlia Swann- Roommate of Riddle.
  • Guinevere Clary- The daughter of the current Head Dean of Ilvermorny and Riddle's rival.
  • Carren Starkiller- Rowan's mother and the primary antagonist.
  • Rowan Starkiller- Rowan's grandfather and the planned Big Bad.
  • Euphemia Rowle- Delphi's emotionally and verbally abusive adoptive mother. She owns a pet augury and claims that it cries because Delphi will come to a sticky end.
  • Thorfinn Rowle- Euphemia's husband, a burly ex-Death Eater that frightens Delphi.
  • Freya Rowle- Daughter of the Rowles, Ondine's twin sister. A metal charmer and well-informed political lady.
  • Ondine Rowle-Daugter of the Rowles, Freya's twin sister. A metal charmer and a busy socialite.
  • Joshua Goldstein- a wizard from America, First-Year Dean of Ilvermorny. Is Delphi's overseer when in America.



The story mostly focuses on the development of Ilvermorny as a location. On Mt. Greylock, hidden to the muggles, Ilvermorny folds space like no one's business. Several dormitories are made this way. There are extensive gardens within the castle walls, including Slytherin's tree. There is a mysterious hall with a boggart and filled with dark artifacts that only appears on Hallow's Eve.

Rowle Manor

While not often in the story, the Rowle Manor is occasionally featured. It is on an island off the coast of Southern England owned by the Rowle family. It has several secret passageways and a skylight in the attic.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Hated Hero is also the name of a YouTube video about Jacen Solo of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Legends canon.

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