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The Hand of Fate is a subversive group of wizards operating throughout Europe that has been classified as a terroristic organization by the International Confederation of Wizards. Though primarily focused on social disruption and anarchism, the Hand considers the loss of human life to be an acceptable price for the promotion of its agenda.

The group is believed to have originated in the early days of World War I when Veselin Hristov and a small contingent of disillusioned soldiers defected from the Bulgarian military and began executing operations against the agencies of their own government. Hristov and his men declared themselves to be “noncitizens” unaffiliated with any nation, and soon began accepting new members to their ranks.

The Hand of Fate most commonly cites philosopher William Godwin’s statement that “Government is an evil.” Though the reference is taken out of its full context, the Hand promotes the underlying principle of philosophical anarchism in that “governments lack moral legitimacy, that there is no individual obligation or duty to obey the State, and conversely, that the State has no right to command individuals.”

Members of the group are marked by a magical tattoo on the palm of the right hand which is revealed with the incantation manus fortuna.


The Time Winder Trilogy (novels; fictionalized)

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