Earth Future

Possible representation of present time Earth in the future

The Future
is the most distant point in the timeline, composed of all that shall both exist and not exist as well. It is a dark place with few light sources avaliable, and its only inhabitants are the monstruous Temporal Shades, which will atempt to devour the time energy of any living creature that steps foot into the Future.

Many locations in the future are constantly shifting, representing the fact that the future itself is uncertain. However, there are certain places that are in a constant state, such as the future version of Hogwarts. The reason locations such as this one are in this state is because they are destined to be so, and according to Ayavan, they cannot be changed.


The Street

A seemingly normal street with the buildings's appearance constantly changing. The only light source in this area are the street lamps. Time Revenants and Time Keepers can be found on this place.

The Crumbled Castle

The constant future version of Hogwarts and its surrounding lands. Due to the corrosive nature of magic and the lack of protection because of it, over the centuries the castle's structure slowly became weaker until it eventually collapsed. The Forbidden Forest remained a burnt area.

The Broken Spire

The future version of the Tower of Dawn, the Broken Spire has it's core exposed to the outside world, illuminating the are around it. Bellow the tower are rivers of a strange blue substance.


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers

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