The Forest of Life is a sacred place to the people living in Pidoria's town, most believe in all the rumors and stop those that want to do it harm.


The Forest of Life is well known in the are for having bundles of different healing herbs and trees. The pond in the forest is said to be able to extend ones life when someone drinks it, people believe this because the animals in the forest rarely get sick. There are many plants and animals including rare kinds that can only bee seen inside the forest, even some unidentified species.

Special Areas

These areas are considered special as they aren't easy to find and have stories about them.

  • Pond - The pond that is supposedly suppose to extend ones life. the exact area of the pond is unknown.
  • Vira Ransworth's Grave - The founder of the Ransworth house is said to have buried in the Forest of Life, although the exact location is unknown. It is said to be near a new growing tree not far from some ruins.



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