The Flower of the Court is a next-gen novel written by PrimroseAmelia.


It has been nineteen years since Harry Potter brought down Lord Voldemort. The Weasley family is having their annual party to commemorate the Battle of the Seven Potters, when they get news of a mass murder of muggles which appears to have been commited by wizards. People start to worry and as time goes by there are more and more attacks on muggles. Then a new villain arises reminding people of Lord Voldemort's brutality and cruelty but they don't know how similar they really are.


  1. The Battle of the Seven Potters
  2. The Beginning
  3. Life and Times
  4. Another War
  5. Back to the Burrow
  6. Flower of the Court
  7. Diagon Alley
  8. The Order of the Phoenix
  9. The Midnight Argument
  10. Hogwarts
  11. Quidditch Tryouts
  12. The Room of Requirement
  13. Dress Shopping
  14. The First Quidditch Match
  15. Toby
  16. Halloween
  17. Uncle Harry
  18. 204 Wisteria Walk
  19. Christmas
  20. Progress
  21. The Ball
  22. A Real War
  23. Theodore Remus Lupin


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