The Crazy Adventures of Peeves the Poltergeist is a story by Tfiction. It is a story during the Harry Potter books, and soon, after the books. It tells the readers of what Peeves is causing, sometimes elaborate plans, crazy mischief and mayhem, or sometimes, just getting on peoples nerves.

Prologue: The Water Bomb

A day before the events of the first story, Peeves had set off a water bomb in the Girls bathroom, mainly targeting Moaning Myrtle. He accidentally got Filch into this mess, causing him to chase the poltergeist, speeding past Nearly Headless Nick in the process. In the end, Peeves got away, and Filch had to clean up the bathroom.

The Gryffindor's First Annual Pillow Fight

Pillows are trouble. Especially when Peeves starts collecting them. What is he up to? In the first of the series, Peeves was collecting pillows, setting up for a pillow fight. Filch, when he finds out about him collecting pillows, gets suspicious, and tells Dumbledore for everyone to watch out for Peeves. Peeves' original plan was to have the pillow fight in Gryffindor, and if Filch came, blame Gryffindor. But, since Dumbledore had announced that that night, everyone was allowed to sleep anywhere that day and night, Peeves decided to get Slytherin involved as well. He forged a note telling Slytherin about the pillow fight, causing them to storm up to Gryffindor demanding an explanation. Peeves then started the pillow fight; they didn't care, as long as they had fun. Unfortunately, Filch came into the room, catching Peeves red-handed. Fortunately, Peeves was let off the hook, as Dumbledore had not said anything about pillow fights.

Beans and Peeves

“PPPPFFTHHHHHHHH!” - the sound effect made by Peeves often in this chapter.

On friday; three days after the pillow fight -- Peeves grew bored with Filch, and had a new target - Snape. He got on his nerves, and again tried to blame the students for it, by making rude noises, from You-Know-Where. This happened during the hallway, and in Potions class, causing many students to lose house points. Soon, however, Snape caught on to it, and got Filch to find out, causing Peeves to be on the run, injuring Neville's lip in the process. He unfortunately runs into the Bloody Baron, but the house ghost lets him off the hook, as long as he doesn't do it again.

The Wrath of Clarissa

Peeves' younger sister rolls into Hogwarts some time later, unbenowest to her big brother. He finds out when he sees a vase he was beaten to the punch in, during his daily rampage after eating sugar. Realizing that Filch would kick him out if he had a relative, he decides to hide her, but later realizes that Filchie needs a little spook.

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