The Complicated Life of Mirabella Rose is a novel by written by Ginny RED Potter.



It was beyond baffling. How could you detest something so thoroughly and yet fancy someone who stood for it? How could you fancy someone when you were hopelessly in love with someone else? And how the hell could you be mind-blowingly in love with one person and still hate them with every cell in your body?


  1. Life is Complicated
  2. Ridiculous Physical Overreactions
  3. Pureblood Predicament
  4. Suffocation and a Very Long Train Ride
  5. A Paradox and Rumor Mills
  6. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  7. Dreams in the Hospital Wing
  8. Avoiding Boys and Bludgers
  9. The Complicated Love Life of Mirabelle Rose
  10. Hogsmeade
  11. Rows and Rumors
  12. An Abundance of Ballgowns


The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose

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