Thaddeus Potter, 17th Duke of Inverness (1845 - 1924) was a pure-blood wizard and a member of the noble branch of the Potter family. He was the son of Valerius Potter and his wife Helvia. He would later marry Constance Fleamont, and would have two children with her, Henry and Alfred.

At the later years of his life, Thaddeus would slip into insanity, one of the most famous episodes of his condition having been his "escape" from Inverness Castle, whilst completely naked. After his death, Henry became the new Duke of Inverness.


From Θαδδαιος (Thaddaios), the Greek form of the Aramaic name Thaddai. It is possibly derived from a word meaning "heart", but it may in fact be an Aramaic form of a Greek name such as Θεοδωρος. In the Gospel of Matthew, Thaddaeus is listed as one of the twelve apostles, though elsewhere in the New Testament his name is omitted and Jude's appears instead. It is likely that the two names refer to the same person.


Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
Valerius Potter
Duke of Inverness
1882 - 1924
Succeeded by
Henry Potter