Terence Tiverton (born 1959) entered Kaaterskill Academy of Magic in 1970 and was sorted into Tenskwatawa House. He quarreled with Griffin Lloyd soon after their arrival at Kaaterskill and they remained antagonists throughout their school careers. He returned to teach Transfiguration at Kaaterskill beginning in 1981. He became master of Tenskwatawa House in 1984.  He took a leave of absence to study in Europe during the 1989-90 school year, during which time he spent some time traveling with Professor Quirinus Quirrell of Hogwarts.  This caused him some difficulties a few years later when it became known in some circles that Quirrell had begun working for Voldemort during that same year.  Cyrus Flyte, however, retained Tiverton on the Kaaterskill faculty after extensive deliberations.

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