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Tempus Fugit is a timetravelling spell not usually used anywhere. This spell, when used, will take you exactly an hour when you used it. There are problems with it, as if you are in a train, or car, or anything, you will be in the same place, but an hour later. That means if you are in a train or car and use it, one will end up on the road, or on a diffrent train, or car. If you are in the air and use it, you will plummit down to the earth. Another thing, is that you won't remember anything in the time between when you used the spell,and an hour later. It is advised that one dosen't use this spell in front of muggles, or places muggles will probably be an hour later, as after using the spell, there will be light when you timetravel. There will be another after you arrive as well. Also, as this spell is rarely used, most don't remember it too much. This was one of George Shyruz's Forgettible Spells.

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