"Few families in Europe can boast as many famous figures, wielding so much power over the fate of so many, as the Telvanni Clan. The wizard-lords of the Telvanni have traditionally isolated themselves, pursuing wisdom and mastery in solitude. But certain ambitious wizards-lords, their retainers, and clients have entered wholeheartedly into the competition to control and exploit of Portugal's land and resources, building towers and bases all along the western coast. According to Telvanni principles, the powerful define the standards of virtue."
Telvanni is the surname of an ancient wizarding family originating from Florence, Italy. The Telvanni have been recorded as one of the most powerful and influential families in wizarding Europe.

Despite their sphere of influence being most prominent in Italy, the Telvanni gained immense wealth and fortunes when they began settling in Peniche, Portugal, where they subsequently married one another to members of the Afonsine Dynasty, from which squib Vítor Telvanni was a descendant.

The Telvanni bloodline eventually became extinct; the last remaining members of the family lived in Great Britain under the protection of the Crane family when they were all slaughtered by Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War.

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