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Telekinesis is a mystic skill used to exert force on objects or living creatures with the use of the mind. This means that a user can seize, grasp, move, push, pull and otherwise manipulate most targets without physical contact, but usually with gestures and bodily motions, while one can manipulate a target they can see or otherwise perceive though focus and concentration.

In addition, wizards have limited ability to perform acts similar to Telekinesis, as they can also physically manipulate and exert force on targets without physical contact, but with gestures, focus, mental effort, and usually, with a wand. This ability can be mirrored by spells, such as the Levitation, Hover, Floating, Rocket, and Locomotion Charms, as well as the Levitation Spell and Alarte Ascendere. Caster's are also able to cause targeted objects to fly to them or away from them with the Summoning and Banishing charm, which work on deliberating the targeted object to summon, or deliberating the location on which to send it, though both ways allow a user to summon or banish objects to and from several miles or more. Similarly, the Impedimenta Jinx can exerting force to slow down, stop or immobilize an animate or inanimate target briefly, while it can also exert enough force to push or throw a target backwards, or even push lift or pick up a target to levitate them. While the jinx works on animate targets, it is spells such as Levicorpus and Mobilicorpus that specifically allow for a user to telekinetically move living being in a controlled state, albeit with not as much speed. Lastly, Oppugno can telekinetically cause movable objects to attack victims, while Relashio can telekinetically releases a target from another grasp or hold or pry two objects or people apart or away from each other. Various other spells can be used to repel, launch or knock targets away, usually sending them flying through the air, while not moving them in a controlled state.

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