Tau, known also as Corruption, is a deity worshipped by the various Perennial cults in the Roman Empire. The primordial embodiment of corruption, he was the first perennial to exist, and by consequence, the first being in existence as well.

He has been refereed to as "the Corrupter".


Original work

The fist perennial to be born, Corruption is the very embodiment of the corrupt nature of reality, as its very existence came from the corruption of nothingness. Together with Time and Death, the three became the progenitors to Magic, the Perennial that would unify their domains and those of the ones that would follow.

He was a combatant in the First War in Heaven, being the main leader of the Eternal Court against the renegade perennials.

Rewrite version

Much like in the original story, Tau continues to be the first perennial in existence, and the primordial embodiment of corruption, his very being representing the corrupt nature of reality itself. He is the progenitor of all the members of the Sacred Twelve (excluding Mors and Chronos).


  • Primordial Embodiment - Tau is the primordial embodiment of corruption.
  • Corrokinesis - As the primordial of corruption, he has absolute control over it.
  • Remote Teleportation - He was able to transport Harry (who is the physical embodiment of the mind of Aernus) into his realm, which stands outside the Universe.


King of Kings, Ruling Over Rulers