The Tarasque is a species of magical creature from Provence in Southern France.


The Tarasque looks similar to a regular dragon. However, it it wingless and has a mane of hair on its neck. However, it is mostly covered in bronze scales. It has a ridge of spikes along its back and a long tail.


Like any dragon, the Tarasque is capable of breathing fire. It's scales are so tough that they make it immune to several non-magic weapons, from swords to catapults. It mainly uses its sharp teeth to attack, but a swing from its tail is so strong that it can sink ships or destroy buildings in seconds. Unlike most dragons, it is capable of swimming.


The largest Tarasque ever recorded lived in the Rhone River in France. One day, it swam up the river into the village of Nerluc and immediately began destroying it and eating its inhabitants. The King of France refused to help the villagers, and the Tarasque's attacks lasted for many weeks. Finally, St. Martha, with the help of some wizards and witches, was finally able to tame the Tarasque, a feat that no one else has ever accomplished, by soothing it with a sweet song. She then poured holy water down the beast's throat in order to extinguish its fire breath. Unfortunately, several of her companions were eaten by the Tarasque before she could tame it. She then led the Tarasque into town on a leash made out of her own hair. Seeing the beast subdued, the villagers quickly killed it using swords and stones. The Tarasque's reign of terror was over. The village of Nerluc was even renamed to Tarascon in order to commemorate the death of the beast. A festival is held there annually in order to reenact the scene when the beast was killed.


The teeth, spines, and scales of a Tarasque can be used in potions. The potion that they are most commonly used in is the Fire Protection Potion, which, true to its name, protects the drinker from fire for a given period of time, which can be useful if one doesn't known how to use a Flame-Freezing Charm. The spines are also used in the Terrarium Imperator potion, which enables the drinker to command nearby reptiles for a short period of time.


  • The Tarasque is rated XXXXX by the Ministry of Magic, as it is monstrous and impossible to tame.

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