Talitha Gibson (b. 1985 ) is the youngest child of Jairus and Silvina Gibson of Severna Park, Maryland, and the sister of Marcus Gibson (b. 1984). Their father works in the Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Dark Artifacts, Division of Magical Law Enforcement, U.S. Department of Magic.

Talitha, or Tally, enters Kaaterskill Academy of Magic in 1996 and is sorted into Bradbury House. Her closest friends are Alec Evans, Ellis Northrup and Shane Gonzalez. Her first year at school is traumatic, in part because of a secret crush she has on her brother's classmate, Ethan Lloyd.

Appears in

Ethan Lloyd and the Talisman of Table Mountain

Ethan Lloyd and the Phantom Ship

Ethan Lloyd and the Year of the Refugees

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