"So, you've had your lovely reunion. Marvellous. May we know why you decided to visit this place just now?"
—Symmachus's portrait to Harry

Symmachus Potter, 13th Duke of Inverness (1693 - 1786) was a pure-blood wizard and a member of the noble branch of the Potter family. He was the son of Pelagius Potter and his wife Margaret. He would later marry Catherine Selwyn and the two would have a son called Procopius, who succeeded his father as Duke of Inverness.


This name derives from the Ancient Greek name “Sýmmachos (Σύμμαχος)”, composed of two elements: “sún (σῠ́ν)” (beside, with, allied) plus “mákhomai (μάχομαι)” (war, fight, battle, quarrel, wrangle, dispute). In turn the name means “allied fighter”. Saint Symmachus born in Sardinia, was pope from 498 to 514. His tenure was marked by a serious schism over who was legitimately elected pope by the citizens of Rome. Symmachus was baptized in Rome, where he became archdeacon of the Church under Pope Anastasius II.


Peerage of Scotland
Preceded by
Pelagius Potter
Duke of Inverness
1765 - 1786
Succeeded by
Procopius Potter

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