Stuyvesant's Alley is the wizarding district of New York City, located somewhere in Lower Manhattan.  It has existed since the late 17th century, just after the International Statute of Secrecy was adopted.  Prior to that time, magic folk had mingled with muggle settlers in New Netherland.

Stuyvesant's Alley can be reached by Wunderground; the station is located in the basement of Cortelyou's.

Connecting directly to Stuyvesant's is the shadowy Duyvell's Alley, where shops specializing in dark magic have been segregated.  Duyvell's Alley has its own Wunderground station, which opens directly onto the street.

Shops in Stuyvesant's Alley

Gringotts Bank - the main American branch of the goblin's bank is here.

Cortelyou's Wizarding Department Store - an Emporium for All Your Magical Needs.

Volckert and Slate's Bookshop

Dolph's Delights (ice cream and sweets)

Shops in Duyvell's Alley

Evanescue's Esoterica -"The Source of Forbidden Knowledge"

Graylock and Brand, Magical Artifacts and Artifice

Appears in

Ethan Lloyd and the Phantom Ship

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