Still Delicate is a novel written by padfoot4ever.

It is the second story in the Delicate series, and focuses on the life of Rose Weasley five years after the events of Delicate.


Rose Weasley is back - still sarcastic, still cynical and unfortunately still single. But not for long. Rose is getting her life together. Despite the fact that she works as a receptionist in St Mungo's with a bunch of irritable middle-aged ladies, and despite the fact that she is a single mother of one, and despite the fact that James Potter still calls her 'Red', Rose's life is about to get a whole lot better. Or so she reckons.


  1. A Beginning of Sorts
  2. Welcome to My World
  3. The Crup and the Cow
  4. O Come Let Us Abhor Him
  5. New Years, Old Years, They're All the Same
  6. Where Have All the Fishies Gone
  7. A Case of Foot-In-Mouth Disease
  8. Confessions
  9. Disaster
  10. Unwelcomed Changes
  11. Disclosure
  12. Compromise
  13. Weekend At Jenny's: Part I
  14. Weekend At Jenny's: Part II
  15. Build Up
  16. Nuptial Catastrophe
  17. Repercussions
  18. A Time for Wine
  19. Dirt
  20. Daughter Dearest
  21. Trials and Tribulations
  22. Cry and Cry Again
  23. Return to Hogwarts
  24. Arrogance
  25. Turning Tables
  26. Slightly Deranged
  27. Intervention
  28. A New Direction
  29. Awkward.
  30. The Contenders
  31. Double Negative
  32. The Other Side of Normality
  33. Yet Another Emotional Breakdown
  34. Endings
  35. Epilogue


Still Delicate

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