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Appears in the story:
A Simple Twist Of Fate

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"Well... maybe there's a way of synthesizing my plans with yours?"
—Stella to James Potter[src]

Stella Moon (born 1956) is a member of Lascelles Bank who arrives at Potter Manor in 1991 to help it regain the money it lost due to the bank's procrastinations.



Born in 1956, Stella was the youngest child born to her parents and, as such, had all the hand-me downs from her siblings. This made her realize the importance of things and made her hate nobility who could just throw something away and buy something new.


Stella attended University, paying for her own tuition, at the age of eighteen. Graduating at twenty one, she met her husband at twenty two, was married by twenty three and separated by twenty five.

Remaining in London, she obtained a job at Lascelles Bank in 1971. Her job at Lascelles Bank would be a job she would keep for over twenty years, still being at the bank, who sent her to Potter Manor, in 1991.

Stella Moon 2

Stella exploring the servants kitchen of Potter Manor.

Her orders were to remain at the Manor and help it regain the required money to put the bank on equal terms with the Manor and to give over a check to pay for the rebuilding of a broken bridge at the Manor.

Arriving at the Manor with her orders, she gave the cheque to James. Then, having done her first job, immediately set about changing things, which earned her the ire of the entire family; Stella, disapproving of nobility, didn't care much at all.


Stella in her car, examining Potter Manor.

Stella was still at Potter Manor in the summer of 1992, where her first meeting with Harry took place. With the Weasley Family staying at Potter House along with the Blacks, Stella earned the wrath of Molly Weasley by asking her just how she was able to claim to be a good mother when she and her children lived in near poverty.

Stella realizing she is disliked by the family.

Conveniently, Stella remembered nothing of the night, but did remember the argument, having been Obliviated by Arthur after being hexed by Molly which resulted in her being pushed over a sofa and knocked unconscious on the side of the room's table.

Stella also earned the wrath of Euphemia by prying into the personal room and things belonging to Fleamont, which had been closed off since his death;

Stella working at Potter Manor.

while not so much a shrine, it was a way for his grandchildren to learn about him and Euphemia took offence at Stella poking her nose in where it was not wanted.

In the summer of 1993, Stella was still at Potter Manor and, with all the family home, got to witness the daily life of the family and where money could be made to help the Manor return the money to the bank and get back on equal terms.


Stella at work at Potter Manor.

In 1994, Stella had the house mostly to herself with the family being away at school and the Quidditch World Cup.

She also got to witness the arrival of guests and Potter Manor being nearly full to the brim with visitors from Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland. Being who she was, Stella did not approve and, voicing her thoughts to Lily after the party, was shouted at by the Countess at the end of the evening.

Stella after a disastrous dinner at Potter Manor.


Stella being shouted at by Lily.

In the summer of 1995, she witnessed the struggles that Lance was going through at Hogwarts and suggested therapy.


Stella after the revelation that the Potter Family were wizards.

After demanding answers to their protestations against Lance going to therapy, the family revealed to her that they were wizards and witches. Stella fainted.

Recovering from her fainting fit, she began to understand the family that she was helping and learned more about the Wizarding World and the troubles that Harry was beginning to go through.

Stella was still residing at Potter Manor and now understood more of the problems that Lance was going through, when Professor Dumbledore came to collect Harry from Potter Manor, in July 1996, in order to bring Professor Slughorn out of retirement.

Stella was still at Potter Manor in 1997 when the family travelled to the Burrow for the wedding of Bill and Fleur.

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