Squibstress is a professional freelance writer and the author of 42 Harry Potter fanfiction stories, including the popular Epithalamium series chronicling the life of Minerva McGonagall and her relationship with Albus Dumbledore.

She is the winner of eleven HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards and four MuggleNet Quicksilver Quill Awards . Her stories have been featured multiple times on The Petulant Poetess , Lumos, and MuggleNet Fanfiction.

Squibstress is a Squib, but if she had received her Hogwarts letter in 1979, she would have been sorted into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

By no means would she have played Quidditch, but she would likely have been a fair-to-middling member of the Dueling Club.

She lives in California with her long-suffering husband and two Squiblets.


Epithalamium Series

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