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Located in Salem, Massachusetts, Spellmaster Academy serves as one out of three of Wizardry/Witchcraft schools in the United States, besides the ones located in Utah and Wichita, Kansas.


Tardigrades value resilience and trustworthyness above all. Their animal is the tardigrade and thier colours are blue and green

Platerans value stealth and cunning, as well as insite into the mind. Their animal is the platypus and their colors are purple and black

Acorots are flexible and hardworking and hide their true feeling most of the time. Their animnal is the octopus and their colors are white and light blue

The Morn are fun loving and excitable. Their animal is the dolphin and their colors are dark blue and grey

Heads of House


  • Morak Val Simons
  • Goron Smek


  • Meric Deamoin


  • Grelda Smendale


  • Naotau Grek




    • Grimon Servan
    • Acular Somun

Ancient Runes

    • Grant Flecker
    • Sarim Doldale
    • Hound Green


    • Calcur Gringo


    • Marisa Freeman

Magical Theory

    • Grastram Yolk
    • Malkur Grab


    • Alkurium Matro
    • Grim Drep

Defence Against the Dark Arts

    • Patrigrom Halloway
    • Sematic Vario


    • The Grand Tree
    • Smalls Hutch


    • Flack Matro


    • Hasrtra Faun

History of Magic

    • Trans Just


    • Garfleck Yero

Muggle Studies

    • Gran Odwaldo Tremor The 5th
    • Matock Strong
    • Arc Flack


    • Rimon
    • Mantra Grep
    • Sabmen Herse
    • Julia Blackthorn


    • Farth Hik
    • Cristine Mist
    • Shasha Mist


School enrollment starts when students are 10, and generally end when they are 17. There is an option to pass out of those classes, though most tend to stay all seven years.

Enrollment starts at the age of 10 for students because students are first taught Muggle studies and history, mainly to assure that they learn the importance of keeping magic secretly and in control. They are also taught to protect and respect Muggles. Spellmaster Academy teaches that abusing witchcraft can cause problems such as the Salem Witch Trials.



After students either graduate or pass out of Spellmaster Academy, they then are given the option of going to Spellmaster University. Many do not, because it is not required for a majority of magical jobs, but those who do go there receive the most advance and difficult training in doing magic.

Involvement in Salem Witch Trials

Before the Salem Witch trials, a witch was very careless and was suspected years before the trials took place. She fled, and so people grew more suspicious than ever before, and so eventually people accused others of being witches. Although 32 people were hanged for witchcraft, none of them were magical.

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